IO9 interivews the writers for Marvel’s new comic “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur”

We have mentioned this awesome looking new comic on these pages before because young girls and apex predators just go together. No fluffy puppies or adorable kittens here, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is the story of a 10 year old super genius and her pet T-Rex. According to the writers:

Would you mind just telling us a little bit about the setup for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur?

Brandon Montclare: Yeah, [Moon Girl]’s a new character. She’s kind of this precocious, 10-year old super-genius trying to find a place. She hasn’t made it into any of the special schools they have in the Marvel universe, or the regular New York City type of [schools]. But [she’s] an inventor, looking for information that could solve the problem of the mutant Terrigen bomb that’s mutating people. And [she] has a personal interest in that, because you find out that she has Inhuman DNA.

And just in investigating that, in kind of her young way, [she] accidentally transports Devil Dinosaur from the past, into the present. And they realize throughout the first series they’re kind of connected to each other. And that’s it in a clumsy nutshell! [Laughs]

Amy Reeder: Ultimate buddy comic. In my opinion!

moongirl3Aren’t they cutest thing ever? I need this in my life!

According to the writers, our new heroes will be a full fledged part of the Marvel universe. not a stand alone story. They teased a big crossover, but didn’t give out a lot of information. They will be tangential to the overall Marvel Inhuman storyline though.

There is a pretty extensive interview with the writers located here.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is written by Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder and drawn by artist Natacha Bustos. It will be available November 25th.

I’ve always wanted a pet dinosaur, so I’m looking forward to this!

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