IGN Lists 12 Greatest Superhero Romances

IGN recently listed its choices of the greatest superhero romances, and guess who made the cut?  I’m just gonna leave this here.


The Flash ~ Barry Allen & Iris West

“As much as Lois Lane is meant for Clark Kent, so too is Iris West the only real woman for Barry Allen. And in a show that did so much right in its first season, one of its greater strengths was exploring Barry’s unrequited love for Iris. You couldn’t help but feel bad for the poor guy as he pined after a girl who was happily engaged to the handsome, square-jawed Eddie Thawne.

The real tragedy of their nonexistent romance in Season 1 is that Barry knew they were destined to fall in love. He saw glimpses of a future where Iris West became Iris West-Allen. The episode “Out of Time” delivered a particularly heartbreaking twist. There, Iris finally confessed her love for Barry, only for our hero to accidentally travel back in time and undo the one thing he desired most in the world. Maybe he’ll have better luck in Season 2.”

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Daredevil ~ Matt Murdock & Claire Temple

“Matt Murdock is one of the Marvel Universe’s most notorious ladies men (which is problematic considering that so many of his girlfriends wind up dead or traumatized). That aspect of his character wasn’t emphasized as much as we might have expected in the first season of the Netflix series, but the show did deliver a strong relationship between Matt Murdock and his ally/caretaker Claire.

Claire (who is inspired by the comic book character Night Nurse) found herself drawn into Matt’s vigilante crusade and doing her part to help clean up Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a testament to the show’s nuanced writing that Claire was never portrayed as a generic love interest, but an independent woman who found herself temporarily and dangerously drawn into Matt’s orbit. We’re looking forward to seeing how this relationship evolves in the second season next year.”


One thought on “IGN Lists 12 Greatest Superhero Romances

  1. one of its greater strengths was exploring Barry’s unrequited love for Iris

    This quote annoys the heck out of me. Barry’s unrequited love for Iris wound up sidelining and diminishing the Iris in a feeble effort to “protect her.”  We saw flashes of just how awesome Iris could be, like when she saved herself from the Clock King, but for the most part she was left out of the story. It wasn’t until she found out about Barry’s secret, with only a couple of episodes to go in the season, that we finally got the Iris we had been promised. We know they are destined to be together, let’s get on with it and see that kick ass team that we know they are.

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