How you can help The Maya Angelou Documentary get made

Maya Angelou was a lion in the civil rights movement, a poet, author, actress, singer and editor. After a rich and full life she passed away in May of 2014. Finally she is getting her own documentary, set to air on the PBS series American Masters next year, made by her close friends Rita Coburn Whack and Bob Hercules.

There is a catch, the film needs some funding to cross the finish line and be ready for the it’s debut. As they say on their Kickstarter page:

With a story so vast and varied, there are tremendous archival licensing rights costs for images and footage that we need to account for. In addition, we need to finish the final edits, plus mixing, and color correction.

They have set up a pretty extensive Kickstarter page, which includes a 5 minute clip from the film. They talk about their motivations for the making the film and some of the amazing artist they have collaborated with in order to get the film made.

The page is here if you want to contribute. They have raised over $31,000 towards their goal of $150,000.

5 thoughts on “How you can help The Maya Angelou Documentary get made

  1. Headed over and gave up some cash.  I can’t wait to see this documentary. I had a chance to meet her my freshman year in college.  She participated in a lecture series.  I remember she came out on stage,  tall dark skinned, elegant woman on point all the way. I saw her and I was like “I want to be her”. Then she opened her mouth and the rest is history.Definite role model for black women. Seriously missed.

    1. You met Maya Angelou?!!!! ONMYGOD you have no idea how jealous I am of you right now! I read I know Why The Caged Bird Sings in 6th grade and it was life changing!!!

  2. It was 1988, I was 18. I was star struck, and I am never like that.  She came out on stage and I was like WHOA. Then I met her after and I was in awe. I was speechless for a good minute, I forgot my name. The way you see her in interviews that is how she was, very real, down to earth, normal.

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