Gina Rodriguez shuts down Twitter troll

Don’t you just love it when a troll gets a spanking? The worst trolls are the ones who are ignorant but don’t let that ignorance stop them from making dumb-ass statements.

Recently one of these trolls decided to take Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez to task for  her Spanish language skills. Now keep in mind this guy lives in Spain, so he has no clue how things work in the USA:


Easy for a guy who lives in an Spanish speaking country to say, isn’t it?

Gina fired back:


I would have used stronger language than “hater” so Gina get points for that.

But Troll Boy wasn’t done:


This tweet is so ignorant it’s hard to know where to even begin the take down. It pretty obvious Troll Boy has never stepped foot in the US, where every 3/4 of the people running for president are knocking themselves out to show who hates brown people more, including the ones with Hispanic surnames. Have a seat, Sergio.

Gina is having none of it though:


Real Talk. Does anyone think being Hispanic is some sort of grand marketing advantage? “Oh look she’s Hispanic, let’s buy her shit!” said no one in the US ever.

Look at the bright side, ignorance is is not limited to the US! Oh wait…

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