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    So what do you guys think?  Since it came back I’ve enjoyed pretty much all of the episodes.  Unlike S 6 for me where there were a few I didn’t care for.  I’ve noticed quite a few changes.  Besides the obvious – them being PI’s instead of spies.  Cyril is enjoying his new leadership role, and I kinda like that he’s using his position to stick it to Archer after all those years of being bossed around and bullied.

    Lana and Archer are clearly still together, but the show isn’t focusing on them too much as a couple anymore.  I definitely didn’t want their relationship to take over the entire narrative, but I miss seeing them together as a couple.  Especially with little AJ too, but anyway.  I did like the little kiss Archer gave her in the premiere.  And even though he flirts with other women, he can’t stand to see other dudes hitting on Lana.  The both of them are two jealous mofos.

    I like how all the episodes besides Barry’s (will that dude ever die?) are connected.  And the last one finally kicked the action into gear.  I’m eager to see what happens next.


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