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    This is another repeat of a post I wrote for a Facebook group:
    Here is the second of two bloggers – who have written about the intersections between black women and various forms of media. This blogger, who I think is a doctorate candidate in psychology, spent many of her posts in 2013 writing about Person of Interest, Joss Carter, and the Reese/Carter dynamic. The name of the blog is “Not Your Girl Friday,” and the blog mistress posts as “One Less Soldier (OLS)”:


    As with the first endorsement, although I recommend that you read the site in full, start with the list below and then decide for yourself if you would like to read the rest. She writes about stereotypes, staying ‘neutral’ when watching television, damaging effects of not paying attention – this young woman is on point. Definitely read the comments – some of the conversations are better than the actual posts.

    Each of the posts below in some way discuss the variety of ways black women interact with the media, both as consumers and as participants. I have posted the link to her main page. Go to the sidebar, find the year and month. Although I have given the first few words of the titles, you will need to scroll down the page to find the right article.

    I would start with two of her series from 2013 – Black Women in Fandoms (BWiF) & Girl, Bye! (written in the immediate aftermath of Carter’s death). I also noted articles in 2013 that included a discussion on Carter – but this is not a full list.

    April 21 – BwiF 101
    May 4 – The Trick is the Make You Think…BWiF102
    May 6 – Ah Benevolence…BwiF103
    May 18 – The Dance is Over…BWiF104
    May (there is no date, but when you click on May 2013 – it’s the first article) – Entertainment for…BwiF105

    GIRL, BYE!
    Nov. 25 – Episode I
    Dec. 6 – Episode II
    Dec 27 – Episodes III & IV (one article)

    KEY DATES IN 2013
    Jan 23 – Time for Black Women…
    Feb 10 – What do Honey Boo Boo & Oliva Pope have in Common?
    Feb 10 – They Won’t be Happy… (Carter discussion)
    April 17 – If Feminism Grants Choices… (Carter discussion)
    Oct. 18 – Houston…(Carter discussion)

    Oct 8, 2011 – Need Diversity? Use the Black Girl – Part 1
    Dec 10, 2011 – Need Diversity? Part 2
    Dec 14, 2011 – Entertainment at the Expense of Black Women
    Mar 25, 2012 – Mirror, Mirror…
    Aug 29, 2012 – The Time to Fight for Your Image…
    Dec 12, 2012 – Bombarded by the Media?…
    May 14, 2014 – Smile when you Say That…
    Nov 9, 2015 – Stop in the Name of Love

    As in all things, take what you can use and toss the rest.

    A word of caution: OLS has kept her comment sections open for now, so feel free to join the conversations. For those of you members of the “Acting Brand New Crew” (you know who you are), think before rolling up in her ‘house’ spouting entitled foolishness. The commenters on that blog are hard-core intellectuals and they will hand you your *ss with a quickness if you ‘try it’ before OLS can delete your comments. You will not find a perch on her stoop.

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