Film Hamilton? Hell Yes!

The hip-hop revolutionary war play (now there’s s sentence I never thought I would type!) Hamilton has been tearing it up on Broadway. It’s getting rave reviews and tickets are impossible to get. Even the President and FLOTUS have seen the play. So how do us mere mortals get to see the hottest property on Broadway? Especially if you’re like me and live on the other freaking side of the country?


According to Vulture, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and star, wants to film Hamilton. Apparently nothing has been decided, but he does want to film it before the original cast moves on to other projects. Which means he needs to film it pretty darn soon. However he will be dropping a mixtape soon, featuring a rap battle about slavery.

I think I speak for all theater nerds outside of New York when I say “Make it so!’ and “SQUEEEEEEEEE!”

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