Effie Brown on Matt Damon: “We moved past it and got back to work”

You recall the uproar when Effie Brown challenged Matt Damon on the diversity, or lack there of, of the candidates for this years Project Greenlight. Matt, in typical white guy fashion, basically told her that diversity behind the camera didn’t matter, it only mattered in front of the cmarea. The Internet was not amused with some people taking Effie’s side and some people taking Matt’s. The uproar died down when Matt issued and apology and pretty much took Effie’s side.

Variety recent had a chance to talk Effie about that. As she said:

“With Matt it’s just hug and release. I still totally respect him, I’m still going to watch his movies, I’m going to watch Jason Bourne. A lot of things were said at the time, but we moved past it and got back to work.”

“It was a big substantial group of people and I’d only met them three hours before and we’re talking about diversity, or the lack thereof, quite a bit during those three hours,” she said. “But what was shown during the show, it was a moment where other things were said besides what was shown.”

Effie has further comments, You can read the whole thing here.

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