Damon apologizes and doubles down on the stupid

The other day I wrote about Matt Damon’s lame-ass whitesplaining of diversity to a successful black woman producer. After a couple of days as the national punchline, Damon has issued a sort-of apology:

“I believe deeply that there need to be more diverse filmmakers making movies. I want every young person watching “Project Greenlight” to believe that filmmaking is a viable form of creative expression for them too. My comments were part of a much broader conversation about diversity in Hollywood and the fundamental nature of “Project Greenlight” which did not make the show. I am sorry that they offended some people, but, at the very least, I am happy that they started a conversation about diversity in Hollywood.”

Doesn’t sound like he really gets it yet, does it?

First off, the consensus is that any apology that contains a variation on the phrase “Sorry you were offended” is not really an apology at all. And, for the record, if Damon did really have a long insightful discussion about diversity that we didn’t see in the show, why did he give himself the white moron’s edit? Do he really not know at the time he was editing this show that he come off as looking like the clueless white guy? To quote Effie Brown, “Wow, OK.”

For me the worst part of this is how he somehow thinks he and his little vanity project started a conversation on diversity in Hollywood. Dude, that conversation has been going for a while now, where have you BEEN? Even the freaking New York Times got in on the conversation before you did!

I don’t doubt Matt Damon is well-intentioned, but he really needs to get caught up here. Good intentions aren’t going to solve the problems that lead to creation of this site. Damon is in a position to make a difference, the question will he man up and educate himself enough to do it? So far, I’m seeing that the answer is a firm No.

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