Candice Patton and the Power of the Perfect Comeback

It looks like Candice Patton has finally had enough.  Someone tried to come for her the other day, and she had the perfect comeback.


Sadly, what this person tweeted to her is actually tame compared to some of the things I’ve seen.  Candice has had to deal with entitled and racist fangirls (and boys) wishing death on her character, calling her racial slurs, and outright demanding that Iris West be turned back into her white comic character iteration.

And these aren’t subtweets.  These are tweets that are sent directly to her.  These are people who, emboldened by the anonymity of the Internet, see nothing wrong with attacking an actress over a fictional character she plays on a fictional television show.  As if she has no feelings and every mean, ugly, nasty, racist comment will slide off her back and not affect her.  While I’m sure most do, she’s not a robot.  She’s a human being.  Constant harassment of any kind will eventually get to even the strongest person.

And Candice has finally put her foot down.  And no, she’s not an angry black woman for deciding to snatch a few edges.  She’s a human being whose mentions are a cesspool of racism and misogynoir and has reacted like any human being would.  She’s actually a better woman than I am, because I probably would have gone off a long time ago.

She was actually quite classy with her dragging.  I’ve seen a lot worse.  (Take a look at Grant Gustin’s Twitter timeline if you want to see some pull-no-punches dragging.  And of course, his dragging is applauded, but Candice has been called “childish” because she decided to stand up for herself.)

The lesson of the day:  Don’t come for Candice if she hasn’t sent for you.  And when Candice is too busy, you better believe the Iris West Defense Squad will be there to take up the slack.

3 thoughts on “Candice Patton and the Power of the Perfect Comeback

  1. Good for her for standing up the creeps. When I was a kid and I was being dragged by my classmates, I was told “Ignore it, they will stop when they get tired of it.” Problem was, they never got tired of it! Decking the jerk finally stopped it. The detention so worth it. Sometimes you just have to show the bullies there is a bigger and better bully on the block.

  2. What the showrunners do from this point forward is going to be very interesting.  They must know by now that Candice Patton has a huge fan base who will raise hell – and bring down the ratings – if Iris West handled in the manner of Joss Carter or Abbie Mills.  For the moment, The Flash is going to be one of tv shows where we might see something new or ‘business as usual.’

    1. I think the CP Defense Squad is already gearing up. Last night’s episode of The Flash proved to be a major disappointment to CP/IW fans, and to people who keep an eye on how WOC are portrayed in general. I’ll posting more about it later, if Fangirlu doesn’t.

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