Broadway just got even more diverse: “On Your Feet” opens

On Your Feet, the musical that chronicles the life and times of Gloria and Emilio Estefan opened on Broadway on November 5th, adding even more diversity to the most diverse Broadway season ever. The show joins Allegiance, Hamilton, and The Color Purple in adding some color to the Great White Way. At this rate Broadway will need another nickname!

On Your Feet’s curtain call. credit:BRUCE GLIKAS/BROADWAY.COM

On Your Feet dramatizes Gloria’s rise to fame. In the show she meets Emilio, fronts the Miami Sounds Machine, then goes solo. The show  pulls no punches when to comes to depicting the troubles they had getting their unique Latin sound on the ariwaves. An executive tells them,”You’re not back home anymore.” Emilio responds with “Look at my face — whether you know it or not, this is what an American looks like.”  Emilio has said this incident actually happened.

Needless to say, they ignored the advice and did their way, ultimately proving that they were right. Now they can add conquering Broadway to their rather lengthy list of accomplishments.

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