Better Late Than Never?


Thirty-one years after Vanessa Williams resigned her Miss America crown, executive chairman Sam Haskell apologized live on national television.

“”I have been a close friend to this beautiful and talented lady for 32 years. You have lived your life with grace and dignity and never was it more evident during the events of 1984 when you resigned,” Sam Haskell shared with the audience Sunday night. “Though none of us currently in the organization were involved in it, on behalf of today’s organization, I want to apologize for anything that was said and done to you and to your mother, Miss Helen Williams.”

He continued, “I want to apologize for anything that was said or done that made you feel any less than the Miss America that you are and Miss America you always will be.”

As the entire crowd and fellow judges including Zendaya, Amu Purdy and Danica McKellar delivered a standing ovation, Williams appeared to be deeply touched.

“Thank you Sam, so unexpected but so beautiful,” she shared. “I did the best that I could during my reign during 1983 to 1984. On behalf of my family and my mother in particular…and your leadership and integrity, I love you. I love the girls and I’m so honored.”” [Source: E! Online]

It’s nice that they apologized and all, and Vanessa Williams was all class as usual, but I can’t imagine the hell that she and her family was put through when the nude photos came out and her life was nearly ruined.  Instead of becoming a successful actress, life could have just as easily gone in the opposite direction for her.

And thank goodness it did.  I can’t imagine a life where Wilhelmina Slater didn’t exist.

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3 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never?

  1. Vanessa Williams is arguably the most successful Miss America ever. She’s been in blockbuster movies and topped the music charts, no other Miss America comes close to her success. I always found it hypocritical of them that they ask their contestants to parade in tiny bikinis on national TV but flipped out over  few pictures. Glad they finally apologized, even if it was too little, too late.

    1. I agree completely.  And do you know there is a rumor that the Miss America officials expected Vanessa Williams to apologize again?

      Apparently, the confusion was a bit of a mess with Williams threatening not to appear, and that’s after all of the promotional materials were released.  Officials really did not have a choice but to relent.  Vanessa doesn’t need them at all, whereas pageant ratings have been rather low in recent years.  They needed her more.


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