Ava DuVernay direct a Stars Wars movie? YES PLEASE!

I have to give JJ Abrams credit for expanding the Star Wars universe to include more women and POC. He ain’t perfect, but he does seem to be trying to make Star Wars more inclusive. He’s added female characters and cast a black man as the lead. Now he is floating Ava DuVerany as a possible director on a future film.

“To me the knee-jerk reaction, if I had to, is Ava DuVernay, who I think would just kill it,” he said. “And she is as much a fan of genre movies, and hearing her talk not just ‘Star Wars’, but hearing her talk about those kinds of films is evidence that she would just kill it.

“And when you look at her work in ‘Selma’, which was as well-told and as sophisticated and humane a film as I think has come out in the last decade, if she can do that story that well, there’s no question she would kill this movie.”

Oh, is that movie that Quentin Tarantino though was worthy of an Emmy? #pettycake

Ava herself seems to be down with it.


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