Are you ready for a WOC Nancy Drew?

It’s pilot season, and they’re off and running. CBS has officially picked up the pilot for the proposed new Nancy Drew series, the oh so imaginatively titled Drew.

You are probably wondering why I would discuss a series based on probably the whitest detective in young adult fiction on a site devoted to WOC. Whelp, looks like ol’ Nancy is getting a makeover. CBS called this version of the iconic character “diverse.” Their word, not mine. We will clue them into the fact that a single person is not “diverse” later; you’ll have to forgive CBS, they’re new to this diversity thing. Glenn Geller, the newly minted president of CBS did confirm that Nancy would not be white, but we don’t know at this time what ethnicity she will be.

Say good bye to the white strawberry blonde, Nancy’s going ethnic!

This isn’t the only the change, Nancy will move from her upper-middle class white suburb to NYC, she will be in her thirties instead of late teens, and she will work for the NYPD as a detective. Makes you wonder why they even bothered to name her Nancy Drew, doesn’t it?

I’m taking a wait and see attitude on this one. I welcome another WOC lead, but taking a iconic white character and messing with her ethnicity could be a disaster. Can they really make white bread Nancy Drew a real WOC?

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