AP declares that the public embraces diversity in casting, so why doesn’t Hollywood?

The Associated Press has a story on their site today Despite trolls, industry, public embrace diversity casting it’s a good read, but this paragraph basically spells it out:

“There’s a disconnect between conventional wisdom in Hollywood and where the audience is. America is a very diverse place and it’s becoming more diverse each passing day,” said Hunt. “They want to feel like they’re included in the narrative. It’s not like they only want to see themselves, but they want to see a picture of America that looks like America.”

Unfortunately they never address just why Hollywood is slow to change, but I think the real reason is that fact the almost all of the decision makers are white people. For eaxmple, here is a recent picture of the studio heads from The Hollywood Reporter:

White People hanging out
Universal’s Donna Langley, Disney Studios’ Alan Horn, Fox’s Jim Gianopulos, Warner Bros.’ Kevin Tsujihara, IFC Films’ Jonathan Sehring and Paramount’s Brad Grey. credit: The Hollywood Reporter

See what I mean? Not the most diverse group, is it? One woman and one Japanese dude, that’s it.

While Hollywood has reputation for being a liberal, almost communist place, it’s not. The demographic of the decision makers is almost completely white, all middle aged to older. While they may not be FOX News conservatives, they are still what they are. They see people on screen who look like them and think it’s all good. We have to keep up the pressure on them to let them know it’s not all good.

As the article points out, progress is being made, but it’s slow. This is why this site exists. Maybe some day we won’t be needed, but I’m thinking we have a long run ahead of us.

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