Angela Bassett for Star Trek captain? YASSSSSS!

You probably missed the fact that Brian Fuller was named as the new showrunner for CBS’s entry into the Star Trek universe. So you’re wondering why the heck you should care that yet another white dude got a job in Hollywood? Check out this bit from interview he gave in 2013:

I want Angela Bassett to be the captain, that’s who I would love to have, you know Captain Angela Bassett and First Officer Rosario Dawson. I would love to do that version of the show but that’s in the future to be told.

Brian, the future is NOW. You’ve been named the new showrunner, make it so! (Sorry, had to work that in)

The fans seem to the there for this casting the hashtag #CaptainAngelaBassett has sprung up since the announcement that Brian is the new boss.

Go forth and tweet, I need this in my life!

2 thoughts on “Angela Bassett for Star Trek captain? YASSSSSS!

  1. I am so there for this. One of my fav movies with her is “Supernova”.  The pairing of her and Rosario would be good but Rosario is doing Jessica Jones right now. Not that she can’t do both.  But if she is busy, another actress that I think would work well is Kandyse McClure. She is so underrated but she does a lot of scifi: Battlestar Galactica, Carrie, Hemlock Grove to name a few.  I think Angela and Kandyse would be reminiscent of  Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes from Next Generation.

    Ok I so want this to happen now, dammit.  Let me go pray to the scifi gods

    1. #CaptainAngelaBassett is getting a lot of action over on Twitter. Even the white fanboys are down for this.

      I had not thought of Kandyse McClure, even though I was big into Battlestar Galactica. But you’re right, she would rock this!

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