America Ferrera: Superstore wasn’t cast diverse for diversity’s sake

In a recent interview with NPR, America Ferrera, star and executive producer for NBC’s new comedy Superstore, explained that they didn’t cast a diverse group of actors just for the sake of diversity.

“We all come from such different experiences of life, and what that does — it’s not just about diversity for the sake of diversity, This diversity gives us the opportunity to approach topics like race from a place of experience. Not just from a place of intellectualism and having conversations, but about [being able to say,] ‘Hey, this is my experience, and it’s messed up. And no one’s right and no one’s wrong.’”

I like this, because it points out the diversity isn’t about just having different skin colors on the screen, it about bringing new stories and perspectives to the table. This is why shows like black-ish and Empire are kicking ass on TV, because they’re fresh and new. Notice how the Dallas revival didn’t last long, it was old and tired. We saw it all back in the 80’s.

Bringing these new stories to TV is paying off big time. Superstore ratings are solid so far, and we all know that Empire‘s ratings are the envy of just about every other show on TV that doesn’t include chasing a football around. Someone send the memo to the movie studios, please.

Here is the complete interview with America.

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