Amanda Seales releases her hilarious new comedy

As if you didn’t need yet another reason to log onto YouTube during your lunch hour, actress and comedian Amanda Seales has released a new scripted comedy series Get Your Life on The Awkward Black Girl Issa Rae’s popular YouTube channel.

The series is based on her own life. “Basically, I’m living a life that is meant for the enjoyment for others to laugh at,” Seales told The Huffington Post.

“Seventy-five percent of the show is actual shit that happens,” Seales said. The rest is a mix of hilarious skits and comical characters like Seales as “Toprah Shanks,” a hysterically funny and fictional talk-show host she and her friend created in 2007 and have since developed.

You can read the rest of the interview with Amanda on the link above. You can watch the first episode right here! I don’t suggest you watch this at work unless you want people to look at you funny while you try to control your laughter…

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