Alfre Woodard Cast in Luke Cage


I was already looking forward to this Netflix show, but now that Alfre has joined the cast, I’m downright excited.

Per Deadline:

Woodard will play a lead character listed on the breakdown as Minetta, a powerful woman in local politics who will have an impact on Luke Cage’s life. No one is commenting, but I hear she may actually be playing a version of Marvel villain Black Mariah, a nemesis to Luke Cage as well as Iron Fist. In the comics, she is a professional criminal and a drug dealer.


One thought on “Alfre Woodard Cast in Luke Cage

  1. YES!!!!! I’ve loved Alfre ever since she screamed, “Blow up the damn ship, Jean-Luc!” at Captain Picard in First Contact. She will kill it in this role.

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