ABC commits to Jada Pinkett Smith’s new show

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Murder Town has a put pilot commitment at ABC! (A put pilot means that if the pilot doesn’t air, the network owes big bucks to the studio. This pretty much guarantees the pilot gets picked up by the network.) Pinkett Smith will both star and be an executive producer the show.

From the press release:

Pinkett Smith will star as a beautiful and complicated prosecutor who makes history as Wilmington, Delaware’s first African-American District Attorney. She finds herself confronted by old loyalties and loves, a shocking revelation about her murdered husband and a polarizing, racially-charged case that threatens to burn her and her city to the ground.

Sounds interesting! I’m happy to see Jada back on TV again after she tore it up on Gotham last season. Fish is sorely missed on that messy show.

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