#AbbieMillsDeservedBetter #CancelSleepyHollow

They fucking killed Abbie Mills on Sleepy Hollow’s season finale.
It’s taken me a couple of days to calm down enough to write this. I asked fangirlu if she wanted to be the one to write this, but she’s too emotionally drained to do it.

Another black woman on a genre show has died to service the white male lead’s story line.

Sleepy Hollow was supposed to be different. It premiered with a diverse cast and Nicole Beharie was clearly the lead or at the very least the co-lead. Finally, we thought, a genre show where the black woman would get her due. And she did for the first season. Abbie Mills introduced Tim Mison’s Ichabod Crane to this century with humor and enough chemistry to torch a city block. The bad guy, the Headless Horseman, was off the charts badass. Who didn’t love a headless demon wielding an automatic weapon? The show was batshit crazy. Critics and fans alike were delighted.

Then season 2 happened.

For some reason, the show runners decided to fix what wasn’t broke and mess with the elements that made the show so successful. Crane’s wife, the so-called powerful witch Katrina was released from purgatory and became the worst Damsel in Distress trope TV has seen in a long time. The formerly badass Headless Horseman was reduced to a whiny, love sick teenager who made Anakin Skywalker look suave and mature. Fan favorite Orlando Jones was locked up in an insane asylum, and then killed, and then resurrected as a evil dude, then fired.

The worst sin of all was how the writers and producers treated Abbie Mills. She was demoted to side kick, and Crane repeatedly ignored her advice in favor of his worthless wife, who never once got it right. Abbie spent S2 bailing Katina out of trouble. Her character growth came a screeching halt while the focus of the show shifted to As The Cranes Turn. Some fans even suggested that Abbie would be killed off so Katrina could take over as a Witness. Fans began the Twitter campaign #AbbieMillsDeservesBetter to let the producers know just how unhappy they were with Abbie’s demotion to supporting cast. Ratings dropped like a paralyzed falcon.

For the last few episodes of S2, it seemed like the producers were listening. Katrina turned evil. Abbie and Ichabod went back to being equal partners. Crane killed Katrina to save Abbie. YAY! The partnership that was the center of the show was back together!

Fans went into season 3 with high hopes that the foolishness of S2 was behind them and they would get back to S1 levels of Ichabbie kicking demon ass.


The producers seemed determined to not give into fans’ demands for more of the Ichabod/Abbie partnership. Ichabod and Abbie were kept apart, even though they were roommates. A love interest was introduced for Crane, and Abbie’s sister Jenny, while Abbie was a nun. Other characters constantly remarked on how much Crane loved Abbie. The producers kept babbling on how beautiful the Witnesses friendship was, but it was all hot air. Instead of Ichabbie, we got Super Spy Betsy Ross, a character who was so badly written and acted she was more Valley Girl than Valley Forge. (Seriously folks Nikki Reed better be glad she’s white, if she were black and that bad she would never work again) Fans hated her like they hated on Katrina. Apparently the producers learned NOTHING from the S2 fan rebellion.

Abbie’s death was yet another kick in the teeth to the fans who loyally supported this show. After all the ship baiting, with Abbie facing death, Crane couldn’t even tell her that he loved her, or that she was important to him. “I shall miss you,”  and a kiss on the hand were all she got from her so-called soul mate. Hamsters have gotten more emotional and heartfelt exits than THAT.

Black women, who were the biggest supporters of this show, are so tired of this shit. Tired of terrific Black women character dying to service the white guys story line. Tired of Black women getting tossed aside like a used drink cup by insensitive white show runners, even when they’re integral to the show. Tired of being erased. It’s more than just his one death, it’s a whole freaking lifetime of being told by society that Black women Don’t Matter. It’s all the deaths, all the times the Black woman died to service someone else’s story line piling up until fans suffocate under it.

How many times have we seen this before? Heck, the reason this site even exists is because Person of Interest snuffed Detective Carter, who died saving the white male lead. The fact that Taraji P Henson went on to become the hottest thing in TV on Empire does not change or excuse the fact that she and her character were treated as disposable by the white male show runners.
As with Carter, the SH producers reacted to fan outrage with tone deaf responses and tweets.

Ok, yeah, we killed the black woman, moving on now….

Fans and critics (even the white dudes) are not ready to move on and roasted them:


You get the idea.

So how did the producers react to all this? Did we get a heart felt apology and a pledge to do better the like fans of The 100 got? Hell to the no:

Um, yeah so you punched us in the gut and now we are supposed to be respectful of your feelings?


So then this happened:

It’s obvious that he didn’t get it so I got involved:

Needless to say, he hasn’t responded. No, I don’t expect a response. That would require some self awareness this guy simply doesn’t have. I said my piece, I’ll live with that.

Word in the industry is that Sleepy Hollow will get another season, mostly because Fox doesn’t have a lot of options after American Idol sang its swan song. If this is true I predict SH will return with a .2 rating in the demo and will get bumped off the air after only a couple of episodes. The producers will limp off into the sunset as losers. And they deserve it.


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  1. Excellent essay. While the showrunners were glibly thinking that the audience would applaud them on their ‘bold move’ as Fox noted in their statement after the episode aired and happily go w/them on the ‘next chapter’ as Iscove insensitively tweeted minutes after the episode ended, pretty much everyone – viewers, critics, folks in general who didn’t watch the show were outraged – SH trended for hours that night and folks are talking about it still.

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