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You Think You Know What Hate Is? Bless Your Heart

I don’t know how many of you watch Person of Interest, a show I have ranted about before. If you have, you may have seen a little known actress by the name of Wrenn Schmidt on few episodes. She played the therapist Iris, who ignored ethics and common sense to become the love interest of the main character John Reese. Unfortunately for Wrenn, the couple had all the chemistry and sizzle of bleached flour mixed with tap water. On Tuesday’s episode they broke up. Both of them looked relieved, but neither was as relieved as the fandom was.

That should have been the last word. PoI is cancelled and CBS is burning off the last season so fast that if you blink you’ll miss it. Fans of the iReese or Riris ship numbered in the single digits, so one cared. Iris kissed John good bye and walked off with much more dignity than she deserved considering she ignored all known standards and ethics for therapists so she could get laid. Fans were just happy to see her go, but Wrenn had one last bit of drama for POI fans, and it’s a story that I think is a terrific example of White Privilege in fandoms.

As you may recall, the fabulous Taraji P Henson once graced the cast of POI, playing one of the best WOC characters on the small screen in the fierce Detective Joss Carter. In a decision that will probably go down in TV history as one of the dumbest casting decisions ever, she was fired in favor of lesser actresses. Fans of Taraji and the Careese (Carter/Reese) ship were furious and stopped watching in droves. Other members of the fandom were angry with the Careesers (a large percentage of whom are black) for not supporting a show that erased a black woman character. They coined the term “Bitter Careesers” to explain away any and all dissent in the fandom, because it was all our fault that the show went to hell you see. The (white) producers and the (white) writers had NOTHING to do with it. POI fandom remains bitterly divided today. Continue reading You Think You Know What Hate Is? Bless Your Heart

‘The Flash’ finally gave us the Iris West we deserve

Iris was so good in last night’s episode of The Flash that I’m still on a high.                                   Candice Patton absolutely killed it.  Iris had agency, she was funny, she was instrumental in not only helping to catch this week’s evil metahuman, Zombie Girder, but in getting Barry back from the Speed Force as well.  She was also front and center as the female lead, and actively helping Team Flash in S.T.A.R. Labs.

This is what I’ve been wanting for her for an entire season and a half, and they finally gave it to us.  I can only hope they keep it up, because now that I’ve gotten it, I don’t want to go back.

I wish I could find scenes of Iris and Cisco because they were absolute gold last night (more Irisco please), but there is lots of Westallen so I offer these up as a lovely substitute instead.  Enjoy!

Goodbye and Good Riddance to “Person of Interest”

CBS finally did it; they finally put Person of Interest out of our misery. Season 5 for this formerly great show will limp onto the schedule May 3rd at 10pm, retaking it’s time slot from Limitless. They will then show 2 episodes a week on Monday at 10 and again on Tuesday at 10. Only 13 episodes were ordered for the final season of this clunker.

I should be sad about this since I was so into this fandom in seasons 1-3, but I’m not.  In a perverse kind of way, POI deserves some credit for this site. fangirlu was so pissed off by the racism experienced by POC fans in this fandom she decided to create this safe space for fans of WOC.

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