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Housekeeping: Suspected Spammer Accounts Deleted

Recently we had a influx of users who registered but never completed the registration process by logging into the site. I suspect there were more than few spammers in there so I went through deleted several accounts had been registered but never activated. If I accidentally deleted your account, I apologize!

If you were deleted in error, all you have to do register again and then log into the site using the password we send you. You can change your password at any time after you login, just click on your user name in the upper right hand corner to edit your profile.

If you have any questions, or if you are having trouble getting registered for the site, please contact us at and we will happily help you!

Meet Bola Agbaje

A reader of this site tipped me off to the wonderfully talented Bola Agbaje. She is a Nigerian-British award winning playwright who has just released her innovative short movie Snapped the Movie on the app SnapChat

SnappedTheMovie on Snapchat is a short contemporary film about a young boy who filmed himself sleeping with a girl he met on the Internet. The video is leaked online and both he and the girl have to face the consequences of over-sharing on snapchat. It explores the themes of revenge porn. The film looks at an increasing problem that young people face and the unwitting risks they take when using social media.

Interesting and timely! Read more about it here.

Bola Agbaje is quite the accomplished playwright. Her first play, Gone Too Far, won her an Oliver award. The play was made into a movie that won the 2014 DC Award at the London Comedy Film Awards. She’s written numerous other play that have been performed on the London stage such as Off the Endz, Detaining Justice, Belong, The Burial and Take a Deep Breath and Breathe.

Thanks for the tip, keep them coming!!!



Diversity Sells Movies, So Why is Hollywood So Far Behind the Curve?

Salon Magazine ask a pertinent question:

We have proof that diversity sells movies — so why can’t all of Hollywood catch up?

Good question. As they point out quite effectively, diversity sells and sells big. Movies with relatively small budgets and diverse casts are proving to be more profitable than Big Budget Blockbusters with all white casts.

The box office is global, and diversity sells. No wonder wistful, quiet films about suburban adolescence (“Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl”; “Paper Towns,” “The Diary of Teenage Girl,”) seemed to mostly appeal to big city critics approaching midlife crises. Notably, the “fourth-, fifth-, sixth-, and seventh-highest grossers this year,” Mark Harris points out in his analysis for Grantland, were also released by Universal. These films–“Pitch Perfect 2,” “Fifty Shades of Grey,” “Straight Outta Compton,” and “Trainwreck”–share more than a few features in common, including the fact that they’re cinematic Velveeta: highly processed, approaching cheesy, and likely to be shelf-stable for decades. Per Harris, these films had “modest budgets, strong marketing, and a lack of concern about bringing in the young white male demographic that is still considered by too many studios the be-all-and-end-all of the movie business.” Combined, the box office receipts of these four films also surpass the one billion mark, giving them higher profitability ratios than the Big Three because of their relatively tiny budgets.

The article doesn’t really tackle the issue of Hollywood is being so stubborn, but I’m pretty sure those of you how reading this have your ideas as to why. Regardless, the truth is undeniable, diversity sells in the global marketplace and it’s just good business to recognize that and cast accordingly.

Minority Report Promo Posters

Judging by the promotion for the show, it looks like Meagan Good will be a fully realized female lead.  It’s sad that even has to be said, but Hollywood doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to women of color leads.  Especially black ones.  So it’s encouraging to see that FOX is putting her front and center in the advertising.

Because I’ve fallen prey to the bait and switch more than once, I’ll be watching with a bit of a side-eye.  But I’m more hopeful than I was before that this time might actually be different.


IGN Lists 12 Greatest Superhero Romances

IGN recently listed its choices of the greatest superhero romances, and guess who made the cut?  I’m just gonna leave this here.


The Flash ~ Barry Allen & Iris West

“As much as Lois Lane is meant for Clark Kent, so too is Iris West the only real woman for Barry Allen. And in a show that did so much right in its first season, one of its greater strengths was exploring Barry’s unrequited love for Iris. You couldn’t help but feel bad for the poor guy as he pined after a girl who was happily engaged to the handsome, square-jawed Eddie Thawne.

The real tragedy of their nonexistent romance in Season 1 is that Barry knew they were destined to fall in love. He saw glimpses of a future where Iris West became Iris West-Allen. The episode “Out of Time” delivered a particularly heartbreaking twist. There, Iris finally confessed her love for Barry, only for our hero to accidentally travel back in time and undo the one thing he desired most in the world. Maybe he’ll have better luck in Season 2.”

And here.


Daredevil ~ Matt Murdock & Claire Temple

“Matt Murdock is one of the Marvel Universe’s most notorious ladies men (which is problematic considering that so many of his girlfriends wind up dead or traumatized). That aspect of his character wasn’t emphasized as much as we might have expected in the first season of the Netflix series, but the show did deliver a strong relationship between Matt Murdock and his ally/caretaker Claire.

Claire (who is inspired by the comic book character Night Nurse) found herself drawn into Matt’s vigilante crusade and doing her part to help clean up Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a testament to the show’s nuanced writing that Claire was never portrayed as a generic love interest, but an independent woman who found herself temporarily and dangerously drawn into Matt’s orbit. We’re looking forward to seeing how this relationship evolves in the second season next year.”


See The Unaired Skit from Taraji’s SNL Hosting Gig

From EW – A new sketch from the Saturday Night Live episode hosted by Taraji P Henson has been released. Apparently this skit was cut for time, but I like it better than the Connectatron skit they aired.

In the sketch, Henson is the frontwoman of a 1960s girl group called the Sparkelles, backed by Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. While performing on the Ed Sullivan-like TV program The Shebang Hour, their first song goes over great — it’s the request for an encore that complicates matters.